How our products are labelled

taylor preston label
  1. Generic Identification (species) and either Bone-in or Boneless statement with generic cut description

  2. Multi-lingual cut description ad in language of your choice

  3. Country of origin

  4. Item number

  5. Time of packing carton

  6. In house company code number showing carton number for day

  7. Weight in kgs and lbs

  8. Establishment number

  9. Multi-lingual slaughter date in language of your choice

  10. Multi lingual best before date in language of your choice

  11. Storage instructions

  12. In house company bar code

Product Packaging

At Taylor Preston, we cater to suit the individual packaging requirements of each of our customers. Please enquire about what we can offer you.

meat packing

Our lamb, mutton, veal and beef cuts can be individually vacuum packed, wrapped, layer packed, bulk packed or packed into smaller retail boxes. These meat cuts and offal's can be packed in convenient 500 grams, 1 kg trays or even to a set weight or number of pieces per pack. Our printed Taylor Preston Lamb vacuum bags can have eight language texts as well as information on safe handling procedures. Not only is this eye catching but very informative to all the major markets we serve throughout the world. We also have printed insert labels for our higher valued cuts products.

Taylor Preston product is presented in a wide range of cartons. From the standard size cartons to smaller catering style cartons which are very popular for the higher value product. Many of our lamb and beef cuts can be bulk packed into lined cases which is suitable for further processing and minimising the volume of packaging to dispose of. Labelling for individual customer needs can easily be accommodated. This can be for importer codes, in-house bar codes as well as customer specific requests for both cut and carton labelling.

Packaging Styles

Taylor Preston Ltd offer the following packaging styles:

vacuum packed

Vacuum Packed

Indicates that the product has been packed in a specially formulated bag - vacuum packed and sealed to snug fit. For either chilled or frozen product.


While the majority of meat exported from New Zealand has in the past been frozen, there is now an increasing demand for chilled product to be delivered by sea or air. An increasing quantity of lamb and beef products is vacuum packed which significantly extends the storage life of chilled meat. Aging is the natural tenderising process, which uses naturally occurring enzymes in the meat to break down the muscle fibre. As the aging process continues, the vacuum packaging provides an effective barrier to both oxygen an bacteriological contamination, while at the same time preventing substantial moisture loss.


Stored in a strict temperature controlled environment of 0ºC, beef can keep for up to 16 weeks and lamb primal cuts for up to 11 weeks.


Vacuum packed meat requires careful handling and storage. Aged vacuum packed meat can be frozen in the bag without sacrificing any of the benefits of aging. All frozen products must be thawed under controlled conditions.


layer packed

Layer Packed

Indicates that the product is solid packed into a carton with the product layered. Can be packed in either a polylined or approved lined carton. For frozen product only.


Gas Flushed

Gas Flushed packaging is another form of packaging, where instead of pulling a vacuum the packs are flushed with a mixture of gases. Like vacuum pack the inner pouch used is impermeable to gasses to retain the modified gas atmosphere around the meat. Gas flush product held in a strict temperature controlled environment enable up to a 14 week shelf life on lamb primal cuts.


Bulk Packed

Indicates that the product is solid packed into a carton. Can be packed in either a polylined or approved lined carton. For frozen product only.


Please note:

Vacuum packaged and gas flushed meat looks different to unpacked fresh meat. It is a purple-red color caused by a pigment known as myoglobin. On exposure to air the pigment absorbs oxygen and within a short period the meat regains its natural colour. A slightly sour odour may be noticed when the meat is first exposed

vacuum tray packed

Vacuum Tray Packed

Indicates that the product is in one or more portions packed into tray and them covered by film or enclosed in a vacuum bag. For either chilled or frozen product.


individually wrapped

Individually Wrapped

Indicates that the product has been individually wrapped in an approved material, usually polythene. (Can be either a sheet or bag).




Taylor Preston Limited owns and offers four signature brands

Taylor Preston Ltd logo

Taylor Preston Limited

Taylor Preston is our housebrand.  It carries our company name so we have gone to great efforts to make this a brand people can rely on for quality, value and product integrity.  It is a brand that has been proudly shipped to every corner of the world for nearly quarter of a century. 

Natural Farm

Natural Farm New Zealand

Natural Farm was launched at the beginning of the new millenium and is a mark of supreme quality.  The highest value cuts are carefully selected for this brand and it is is distributed only through approved users and restricted to a small group of markets.


Natural Farm

Natural Farm Angus

Natural Farm Angus is a superior line of beef cuts chosen carefully against a strict set of criteria to ensure only the highest quality is packed.


Beef Cuts

View Taylor Preston’s full range of beef cuts available for order.

Chuck & Blade

Beef Blade (Clod)

Beef Bolar Blade

Beef Oyster Blade

Beef Square Cut Chuck - 5 Rib

Beef Chuck Roll: Cap-on - 5 Rib

Beef Chuck Tender

Beef Neck

Beef Neck Chain


Beef Brisket Point End

Beef Brisket Point End - Deckle Off

Beef Brisket Point End Pectoral (Razor Trim)

Beef Brisket Navel End


Beef Shortloin

Beef Shell-loin (bone-in)

Beef Striploin: Standard

Beef Striploin: Chain Muscle, Silverskin Off

Beef Tenderloin: Side Muscle-on

Beef Tenderloin: Side Muscle-off

Beef Butt Tenderloin


Beef Thin Flank

Beef Flank Steak

Beef Think Skirt

Beef Internal Flank Plate

Beef Flap Meat


Prepared Beef Ribs Frenched

Beef 7 Rib Set

Beef Ribs Prepared

Beef Spencer Roll - 7 Rib

Beef Cube Roll - 7 Rib Lip-on

Beef Cube Roll/Ribeye Roll

Beef Short Ribs

Beef Spare Ribs (Back Ribs)

Beef Intercostals (Rib Fingers)

Beef Short Rib Meat

Sirloin Butt

Beef Sirloin Butt

Beef D-Rump

Beef Rostbiff (Rumpheart)

Beef Eye of Rump

Rump Centre

Rump Cap - denuded

Beef Strips

Diced Beef

Beef Tritip

Minced Beef


Beef Topside

Beef Inside

Beef Knuckle

Beef Knuckle Cover

Beef Knuckle Undercut

Beef Eye Of The Knuckle

Beef Eye Round 100 VL

Beef Thick Flank

Beef Eye Round

Beef Flat 100 VL

Beef Flat

Beef Outside

Beef Inside Cap Off - Trimmed To The 'Blue'

Beef Inside Cap Off 100 VL


Hindshank (Bone-in)

Beef Heel Meat

Beef Foreshank (Bone-in)

Beef Fore Shin Conical


Beef Tongue - Short Cut

Beef Tongue Roots

Beef Tongue Root Fillets

Beef Tongue Root Trim

Beef Sweetbread

Beef Heart Cap-on

Beef Heart Cap-off

Beef Liver

Beef Kidneys

Beef Thick Skirt

Beef Thin Skirt

Beef Diaphragm Membrane

Beef Tail

Beef Green Tripe, Honeycomb & Rumen

Beef Mountain Tripe

Beef Tripe

Beef Spleen

Beef Headmeat

Beef Cheek: Papillae-on

Beef Cheek: Papillae-off

Beef Lips: Cheeks Removed

Beef Lungs

Beef Aorta

Beef Trachea

Beef Weasand

Beef Testicles

Beef Paddywack

Beef Achilles Plus Hind Tendon

Lamb Tongue, Swiss Cut

Lamb Cuts

View Taylor Preston’s full range of lamb & mutton cuts available for order.


Lamb Short Forequarter, Breast-on

Lamb Boneless Flatpack Shoulder

Lamb Boneless Rolled Netted Shoulder

Lamb Neck Fillet

Lamb Oyster Cut Shoulder

Lamb Banjo Cut Shoulder

Lamb Shoulder, Shank Removed

Sheep Square Cut Shoulder

Lamb Square Cut Shoulder

Lamb Shoulder Frenched Rack

Lamb Square Cut Shoulder Chops

Lamb Neck Slices

Breast & Flap

Lamb Breast

Lamb Flap, Bone-in

Lamb Boneless Flap

Lamb Boneless Flap, Rolled

Lamb Party Ribs

Lamb Diced / Cubed

Lamb Minced


Lamb 8 Rib Chump-on Saddle 75mm

Lamb 8 Rib Chump-off Saddle 75mm

Lamb 1 Rib Loin Saddle

Lamb 7 Rib Rack Saddle

Lamb 8 Rib Long Loin Chump-on 75mm

Lamb 8 Rib Long Loin Chump-off 75mm

Lamb 8 Rib Long Loin Chump-off 25mm

Lamb 1 Rib Short Loin

Lamb Loin Chop

Lamb 7 Rib Rack

Lamb Frenched Rack, Cap On

Lamb Frenched Rack 25mm (Baby Rack)

Lamb Rack Fully Frenched

Lamb Saddle Chops

Lamb Noisettes

Lamb Boneless Loin

Lamb Tenderloin

Lamb Tenderloin, Side Muscle-off, Butt-off


Lamb Hind Shank

Lamb Foreshank, Knuckle Tip-off

Lamb Shanks Frenched


Lamb Sweetbread

Lamb Heart

Lamb Liver

Lamb Kidney

Lamb Thick Skirt

Lamb Thin Skirt

Lamb Spleen

Lamb Brain