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  • Meeting was held on 13th March 2024 at the Johnsonville Community Centre

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  • Meeting was held on 18th August 2022 at the Johnsonville Community Centre

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Make a report

To report an issue, call 027 445 3263 or 04 471 5772

The Taylor Preston Limited (TPL) Environmental Hot Line is available 24 hours per day 7 days per week and will be answered by our onsite Security.  In order to find out as much as possible about your issue you will be asked a number of questions. Your answers will be logged to help us investigate your issue fully.

  • Name and address (if provided) or general location
  • Identification of the nature of the odour that has caused the issue, including its character or description of the odour, and intensity and duration of the odour
  • Date and time of the complaint of the alleged event
  • Would you like feedback on our issue from Security in the next 1-2 hours or from a TPL representative within the next 24hrs?


Addition to the above, Security will log:

  • What activities were happening on site at the time of the event?
  • Weather conditions at the time of the complaint
  • The result of the initial investigation into the likely cause of the complaint; and
  • Any mitigation measures adopted to address the complaint
  • Your complaint will be logged in the TPL complaints register and the complaint and investigation will be forwarded to the GWRC within 5 working days, even if nothing is found.

Odour Complaints Log

plant updates

Plant Updates

Changes at Taylor Preston - 26th September 2018

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Chrismas 2019 Plant Hours



July 2021 Flood